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We help Individuals resolve conflicts. Companies clarify their interests. promote a conflict-free society.

Helping You Protect What Matters


We have a team of qualified experts who will help protect what matters the most to you.

MBS Conflict Resolution Group was founded to help individuals and organizations recognize and communicate their interests with CLARITY

Most of what we do at MBS Conflict Resolution Services involves dialogue. As trained neutrals, that is, professionals trained to listen impartially, we use one-on-one conversation to help our customers clarify and understand their true interests. Holley Murchison, in her book Tell Me About Yourself, writing about clarity calls it “the bridge that connects your aim to your end goal.” The act of talking things through provides understanding and clarity of purpose. Clarity helps people and organizations solve problems of diversity, communication, and leadership.

Our goal is to provide our clients with fresh perspectives. We help them reframe their viewpoints, allowing for a wider outlook on the issues and problems they face. We provide customized training and curated learning experiences to equip them with new tools and skills to plan through and resolve those issues and problems. Collaborating with our clients, we draw on their individual experiences, and our own, to help people and organizations deal with complex, chaotic, and ambiguous problems.

Conflict Assessment

This is the craft of mapping out the players, alliances, and bystanders in a conflict, determining their objectives, and identifying the conditions and circumstances that enable that conflict.

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Cross Cultural Communication

Social media and free trade have opened up international business opportunities and global collaborations between people and organizations. As our ability to work across geographic and cultural regions expands, so do the communications pitfalls.

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International Symposia

By providing emergent leaders with new perspectives and experiences, MBS endeavors to help them reframe their realities, resulting not only in enhanced knowledge and skills, but also providing them with the necessary clarity to work effectively across boundaries.

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What People Are Saying About MBS Conflict Resolution Group

“Their work is of such outstanding quality, they are clearly experts in the field of conflict management"
— Helena Christiansen
“Their ability to break down a conflict into understandable levels was simply marvelous"
— Jack and Astrid Jacobsen
“There is incredible peace of mind knowing that you’re in the hands of professionals.”
— Richard Wright

“This is the team you will want around when your organization is experiencing conflicts, or when as an individual you are going through inter-personal conflicts.”

Mukurima Muriuki-Partner

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The Team

With proven experts we blend know-how with the desire to get things done.

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Our Team

Using personal experiences, knowledge accumulated over time in different industries, as well as education attained in the field of Negotiation, Conflict Resolution, and Peace Building, your needs will be adequately analyzed and an optimal solution provided.

Mukurima Muriuki
Leo Barerra
Lee Stotts

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