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Our aim is to help you get the clarity needed to define your interests

The act of talking things through provides clarity of purpose and planning. Clarity is what helps people and organizations solve problems of diversity, communication, and leadership. Holley Murchison, in her book Tell Me About Yourself, writing about clarity, called it “the bridge that connects your aim to your end goal.”

This entails mapping out the players, alliances, and bystanders in a conflict, determining their objectives, and identifying the conditions and circumstances that enable that conflict.

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Cross Cultural Communication is the art of communicating effectively in environments where boundaries to communication exist.

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We can help you assess your vulnerabilities and develop a plan so you can deal with problems as they happen and not let them escalate into a crisis.

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In any conflict, the principles of fairness, seeking mutual benefit and maintaining a relationship are the keys to a successful outcome. That is how you negotiate a good deal.

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The cost of mediation is less than the average cost in time and money for the litigation of a dispute. The mediator’s hourly rate is generally lower than the hourly rate for a lawyer. Parties can often schedule mediation within weeks of a decision to mediate or a court order to mediate.

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MBS Conflict Resolution Group (hereafter, MBS) have developed a unique project aimed at creating new opportunities for discerning and ambitious social, economic, and political leaders.

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