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The International Symposia

MBS Conflict Resolution Services have developed a unique project aimed at creating new opportunities for discerning and ambitious social, economic, and political leaders. Sankaranarayanan Padmanabhan, executive chairman of Tata’s Business Excellence Group, said as part of a roundtable discussion covered in the Harvard Business Review, “[Leadership d]evelopment has gone far beyond the classroom: Today it’s more of a conversation, with a lot of emphasis on building a knowledge network.

By providing emergent leaders with new perspectives and experiences, MBS endeavors to help them reframe their realities, resulting not only in enhanced knowledge and skills, but also providing them with the necessary clarity to work effectively across boundaries.

We would like to extend to you the opportunity to participate in the Quarterly Symposia conducted by MBS. The symposia begin with three days of intense interactive learning experiences designed to build participants’ communication and leadership acumen. This training will be followed by two days of networking and meetings with local business, government, and community leaders, tours of their respective facilities and exploration of significant infrastructure. The final day(s) will include excursions to significant local historical and cultural sites.

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